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Wargame: European Escalation + DLC's (2012/MULTi11/Steam-Rip by R.G.Gamers)
Genre: Strategy
1975-1985., The height of the Cold War - the confrontation between NATO (USA and Western Europe) and the Warsaw Pact countries (the USSR and Eastern Europe). Strategy Wargame: Europe on fire" is dedicated to this difficult period of world history when mankind looming nuclear threat, and each of the opposing sides were well aware that inflict nuclear strike will not go unanswered, so - there is a global disaster ...
You get the opportunity to change the course of history and get different answers to the question "What would happen if? .." Choose sides in this great conflict and lead their armies into battle! The Cold War is over, it is time to ignite a worldwide conflagration!
Larger strategy of the acknowledged masters of the genre, studio Eugen Systems, which gave players the famous Act of War: Direct Action and RUSE
Huge photorealistic maps for large-scale battles with hundreds of different units - from the infantry and heavy armored tanks to helicopters and airplanes.
Deep strategic component, taking into account the weight of various factors - such as the type of ammunition the soldiers, supplies of fuel for military vehicles, military supply routes, weather, landscape.
System IRISZOOM, allows you to instantly change the overview of the battlefield - from the global view of the map to a demonstration of what is happening at any point from close range.
An exciting campaign based on the realities of the Cold War and at the same time offering direct the course of history on a different course.
Multiplayer 4 on 4, which supports numerous functions of network service EugenNet.