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MODELMAKER is a two-way class tree oriented productivity,
refactoring and UML-style CASE tool. The Pascal edition is
specifically designed for generating native Delphi code. Delphi's
Object Pascal language is fully supported, including most of Delphi
for .NET syntax (v1 and v2). ModelMaker Pascal Edition has full
reverse engineering capabilities and import existing Delphi code.
Delphi IDE Integration experts take care of synchronizing ModelMaker
and the Delphi IDE editors.
Award winning Delphi™ and C# UML 1.4 & 2.0 Visual modeling and
Refactoring tool.
Native Pascal and C# .NET support - unmatched by any other tool.
Delphi 4 - 2010 and Delphi XE/XE2 IDE integration
Visual Studio 2003 - 2010 IDE integration.
Instant Code generation, Reverse engineering (code import)
Instant visualization.
Designed for Large scale Restructuring and Refactoring.
Whole spectrum of UML diagrams supported.
IntelliReplace™ propagates renames in code.
Point-and-click, drag-and-drop programming.
Deploy Design Patterns.
Improve the design of existing code with build-in Refactorings.