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Image Quality: Blow Up� 2 is a Photoshop� plug-in that produces
enlargements dramatically sharper than any other software, especially
Photoshop! Blow Up uses an innovative algorithm that temporarily
converts pixels to a vector representation which results in perfectly
smooth, crisp edges. Simulated texture and film grain keep photos
looking natural even in extreme enlargements. Blow Up can even clean
up JPEG compression artifacts when a client insists on using a low
quality source image from the Web.
Simplicity and Time Savings: Preparing photos for print can be
surprisingly tedious, often requiring a pile of sticky notes with
calculations involving dpi, aspect ratio, and cropping sizes. New
features in Blow Up 2 are designed to take the complication out of
this process.
Over 100 presets for common output sizes are available that make
cropping and resizing easy to do in one step. When you load a preset,
Blow Up 2 makes an intelligent guess about where to crop the image
using the Auto Crop feature. The Auto Rotate feature adapts the preset
to match your photo’s orientation. Blow Up applies the proper amount
of output sharpening based on the paper type you choose.
Resizing many photos at once is now easy to do in a single step with
Blow Up’s built-in batch processing tool. This tool is much easier
to use than the multi-step process of creating a Photoshop action and
then running it with Photoshop’s batch command.
Technology: Every bit of the latest technology has been added to
Blow Up 2. Blow Up takes advantage of multi-processor and multi-core
systems. The more processors/cores, the faster it runs. Even with just
a plain old single processor, Blow Up 2 runs faster than Blow Up 1.
Blow Up handles the most sophisticated images demanding
professionals can throw at it. Nearly every color space is supported,
including Grayscale, Duotone, RGB, CMYK, and Lab. Most image resizing
software only supports RGB color space and you have to pay an extra
$140 to get CMYK support from our main competitor. All bit depths are
supported, including 16-bits/channel (for Raw images) and
32-bits/channel (for HDR images). Blow Up is the only resizing plug-in
that supports 32-bits/channel images.
• Supports high-bit images for enlarging RAW and HDR (high dynamic
range) images.
• Offers sharpening and grain simulation to improve details.
• New dedicated batch processing is easier than using Photoshop
actions to enlarge multiple images.
• Very easy to use.
• Will work in Windows 64-bit Photoshop CS4/ CS5.
• Blow Up can enlarge photos to extreme print sizes with better
results than Photoshop's bicubic interpolation.
• Detects edges and resizes using a method similar to vector
scaling to avoid undesirable stair-step or halo artifacts.
• Supports all image modes--RGB, Grayscale, Lab, Duotone, and
CMYK. Supports standard 8-bit, 16-bit RAW, and 32-bit HDR images.
• Works with Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop Elements 7 (Win) or later.
• Layered files can be resized without flattening. "Resize as a
new image" option allows non-destructive enlargements.
• Includes a specialized sharpening method for enlargements,
designed to improve contrast along sharp edges.
• Can apply simulated film grain to improve the appearance of
extreme enlargements.
• New: Blow Up can resize up to the limit of Photoshop's maximum
image dimensions--300,000 pixels per side.
• New: Improved speed and image quality, more sharpening control,
a JPEG cleaner option, crop and rotate tools, presets.
• Multi-threaded for better performance on multi-core and
multi-processor systems. Native 64-bit in Windows Photoshop CS5.