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Expanded Session concept
� Any comparison can be saved as a session, not just folder
� Plug-ins are now built-in session types
� Saved sessions can be organized in folders
� Auto-saved sessions
Fully unicode enabled
� Unicode filenames now supported as well as unicode file content
Interface Improvements
� Tabbed interface for session views
� Handy "home" view for launching and managing sessions
� Layout of open sessions can be saved, restored
� Built-in "Check for updates"
Folder compare features
� Folder icons colors now match your preferences
� Multiple operations can be queued
� File actions now respect filters by default
� Dedicated folder sync session
� Touch and Attrib commands can now recurse through subfolders
� Attrib supports Unix attributes
� New Ignored command flags mismatched file as OK
� New Move to Folder command
� Flatten folders lets you compare differing folder structures
� Pro only Alignment overrides
Text comparison features
� Full in-pane editor with dynamic re-comparisons
� Syntax highlighting
� Adaptive gutter buttons for copying sections
� Unlimited undo after save
� Grammar-based comparison rules
� Independent file formats for each side of the comparison
� New Ignored command flags mismatched sections as OK
� Multiple bookmarks
� Hex display option for line details
� Pro only 3-way text merge
� Pro only Replacements
Improved FTP support
� FTP profiles, selectable per session
� Multiple simultaneous connections
� Pro only Built-in support for secure FTP protocols (SFTP and FTP
over SSL)
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