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WorldClass Authoring Environment � FxStudio Designer will be
familiar to any artist whos used timebased sequencing tools like
Adobes Premiere or After Effects. Intuitive, accessible but powerful
userinterface design inspires creativity.
ZeroIteration Time � FxStudio Designer communicates directly with
the runtime component, FxStudioRT, providing realtime update. Add or
modify components and see your changes immediately in your running
WYSIWYG � Since the preview application is your actual running
game client there is never any argument but it looks good in the
tool� what you see is what you get!
Memory Allocation Hooks � FxStudio provides a convenient Hookable
memory allocator and CacheFriendly design. Allocations can easily be
tracked, reported and categorized.
I/O Friendly Data Architecture � FxStudio uses generic source data
files and packed platformspecific runtime data. Runtime data can be
easily packed into any custom asset file and all data is accessed as
readonly memory.
Fully Data Driven and Extensible Design � All aspects of effect
components, Level of Detail, inputs and specialization are fully data
driven. FxStudio provides an easy to use Definition Editor for
configuring your implementation and extending the system.
Source Code License Available � Source code for the reference
implementation and components is always provided, FxStudioRT (runtime)
is also available.
Content Pipeline � FxStudio provides the foundation for a
worldclass visual effects content pipeline.
Fast integration � Basic integration will take 12 engineering days
then provide an easy to extend and flexible environment for art and
engineering to collaborate.
Unmatched Support � Your satisfaction and our reputation are our
#1 priority. We strive to be your most responsive middleware partner.
Rapid Development � Designed for quick integration, extensibility,
and iteration, FxStudio will empower artists to get the most out of
your game engine.
Key Features
COVERAGE : Cross platform support for PC, Microsoft Xbox360,
PlayStation 3
At the heart of the design of FxStudio lies cross platform support.
Designed from the ground up to support any number of platforms with
ease the FxStudio system provides the key feature set that a modern
game team is looking for. An important part of the workflow is to
differentiate between platforms and FxStudio embraces this by
providing both platform specialization and runtime management.
INSPIRATION : Powerful Designer for creating effects
At the heart of creating special effects with the FxStudio system
lies FxStudio Designer, the artist friendly environment for creating
special effects. Designed to embrace familiar and useful editing
features such as timeline track based editing, drag and drop
components and inplace property editing with realtime feedback,
FxStudio Designer users will feel right at home.
FEEDBACK : Realtime preview system
FxStudio is all about efficiency. You want to see your changes
happen as you make them. The FxStudio realtime preview system provides
the feedback you are looking for. As you make changes to an effect,
those changes are silently communicated to your runtime and updated
behind the scenes. This means ZERO iteration time and that translates
into quicker, better and more enjoyable!
SPEED : Optimized runtime effects engine
The FxStudio runtime provides high performance playback of special
effects. Designed to fit into your environment with ease, the FxStudio
runtime comes with an easy to use SDK which speeds integration.
Optimizations include fast loading through packed banks, optimized
playback core and virtually no memory allocations with hooks provided
for memory management.
FLEXIBILITY : Datadriven, component based modeling of special
The FxStudio system uses a tried and tested system for putting
together special effects components. Components can be defined easily
through the component editor within FxStudio Designer. Any number of
properties can be added to components to represent all manner of
interesting things from colors, to decay rates, to screen effects and
so on and so forth.
COMPLETION : Integrated Level of Detail system and support for
platform targeting
The FxStudio LOD system solves the inherent problems with effect
content in a tightly integrated fashion. Categories of special effects
can be defined that contain any number of level of details. Artists
can assign different values for different levels of detail through the
powerful FxStudio Designer property editor.
IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB
RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16bit display (32bit recommended)
Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista all SP
Windows 7
Language English