Download key generator for SmartSound SonicFire Pro 5.7.3

Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition features a timeline interface,
giving you more control and flexibility. A track on the timeline can
be resized a number of ways including simply dragging the handle on
its end to where you want the new ending to be. SmartSound�s
powerful technology rebuilds the track under the hood automatically as
you drag it; giving you a new ending for the track that now matches
your new video location, perfectly. Remarkable technology,
easy-to-use, powerful results.
Key features:
- Automatic creation of excellent soundtracks;
- Preview in real time with your video;
- Automatic editing of any sound file;
- Mix and match is based on your needs;
- Fully organized clippings - No Loops to build;
- Support for Windows Media and Quicktime video formats;
- User-friendly design - suitable for beginners and professionals.
Mapping the mood (Mood Mapping) - Now you can achieve greater
musical heights with Sonicfire Pro 5, the only music solution that
offers mood mapping. With mood mapping you can determine the emotional
and structural requirements for the stage, as the mood map on the
graph in Sonicfire Pro. With this technology, any "multi-layered"
music. track will be fitted from start to end and arranged well in
accordance with changes in your video. This new level of flexibility
and immediate results will provide a final emotional impact on your
Multidorozhechny interface - Sonicfire Pro combines intelligence
technology from SmartSound multidorozhechnymi terms of information for
the fastest path to the current fit (custom-fit) music. In addition to
the dynamic tuning of musical elements based on your "mood map" (mood
map), Sonicfire Pro also gives you full control over each individual
muses. element. Remove the horns, make a sharp strings ... all you
need to achieve maximum impact - Sonicfire Pro gives you the tools to
easily create the best track.
Multi music with SmartSound - In muses. SmartSound library was
introduced the following innovations: the addition of multi-layered
music. tracks in the new series of Strata. Each multi-layered music.
track comes with 8 separate instrument tracks that can be
independently controlled. The team of experts SmartSound carefully
prepared each track to work with the possibilities of Sonicfire Pro,
so that video editors can quickly generate music that fills their
scenes well.
SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition Experience the creative
power of turning the best library music into a fully-customized music
cusotmizable stock music in their royalty-free music library. Indie
bands, film composers, musicians and other music publishers all
contribute the best quality music to the SmartSound music library.
Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition offers the most innovative set of
features for adding high-impact music to any type of project. Its
familiar timeline interface and intuitive access to SmartSound's
patented music editing features make it immediately rewarding for
video and audio editors alike.
Powerful searching features are imperative for a music library with
thousands of tracks and a constant addition of new tracks every month.
Sonicfire Pro 5's Express Track was designed to help you pinpoint the
perfect music quickly.
The application's award-winning Mood Mapping feature allows you to
adapt the music to the changes in your videos.