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Start now with the creation of your personal gadgets and browser
menus and bring more functionality to your desktop!
With Ashampoo Gadge It you will create own gadgets and browser menus
in a jiffy. You can design these individually and also add different
For the creation of a gadget you don’t need any programming
skills, because with the help of the easy to use program interface you
will be guided through the creation process step-by-step.
With Ashampoo Gadge It, gadgets can also be created for Windows XP.
This way you, a Windows XP user, will be equal to those of the latest
Windows operating systems and will be able to use gadgets just as
When creating gadgets and menus you can choose between different
types. A Sidebar Gadget is a gadget for your Windows Vista or Windows
7 desktop. The Standalone Gadget is similar to the gadgets for Windows
Vista and Windows 7, but it can even be used on Windows XP. A
Standalone Menu is a menu that executed in an own window, while the
Browser Menu is HMTL based and is opened in your standard browser. All
types of menus can be launched automatically on Windows startup.
Ashampoo Gadge It guides you through the creation of gadgets and
menus step-by-step. First of all you can select a title for your
project and background music, if necessary. In the next step you can
create a gadget or menu in the editor according to your desires, for
example by adding pictures and texts. Then you can decide for each
button which action is going to be performed when the button is
clicked. Possible actions include opening files and websites as well
as sending e-mails, playing sounds and lots more.
After the customization of your gadget you can use it immediately
and add an autostart function, if necessary.
OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : Multilingual