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About Zuken
Zuken is an acknowledged world leader in the provision of
professional software solutions for PCB design, Advanced IC Packaging
and Electromechanical design. Used by the world's top 30 electronics
companies, these integrated solutions deliver correct-by-design
results to ensure that customers can minimize their time-to-market.
E3 Series Overview
E3 Series is a suite of integrated, state-of-the-art,
Windows�-based design tools for electrical control system design and
documentation and is written by CIM-Team (A Zuken Company). Whether
it's E3 schematic, for the creation of control schematics, terminal
plans, BOMs, & Wire Lists, E3 .panel, for the complete design of
control panels, including layouts and wiring, or E3 cable, for the
development of detailed wiring, cabling and harness designs, E3 Series
makes the process fast, efficient and accurate.
E3 Series features the most advanced, purpose built, E-CAD engine,
which is the core on which all the modules are built.
Object-oriented data and the intuitive Windows� user interface,
including standard functions such as Drag & Drop, and Copy & Paste,
are common to all modules, making E3 Series an easy to learn and cost
effective design tool.
The bi-directional COM interface provides direct access to the ODBC
data, which can be accessed using the Visual Basic programming
interface, allowing for full integration of E3 Series into the
engineering process.
E3 Series features the familiar Windows� user interface and
includes standard functions such as Drag & Drop, and Copy & Paste,
making it an easy to learn and cost effective design tool. These
familiar Windows� functions however, have been enhanced to include
the underlying intelligence of the objects being manipulated, thus
adding to the power of E3 Series. For example, when an existing relay
is copied and pasted into a drawing, the database information is
carried along with it and the relay ID is updated to the next
available number, thereby ensuring the integrity of the design
E3.series 2011 focuses on delivering benefits to all electrical
design engineers creating electrical systems for everything from
aircraft, vehicles, machinery, control systems, printers, etc. The
time saving shortcuts and additional new functionality in this release
impacts every aspect of electrical design from the large task of
planning the topology and functionality of a design, down to the
smallest of tasks such as adding connectors and handling signals.