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ADMINISTRATORS and employees of technical support that does not
require rebooting the remote computer after the installation. Program
DameWare Mini Remote Control is designed specifically for 32-bit
environments Windows (Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP), can take advantage
of authentication "challenge-response" (challenge / response) Windows
NT and can be operated in As an application, as well as a service.
Among the features of the program are the view screen of the remote
computer without the ability to manage them, options, cursor control,
and the Clipboard, performance tuning, operation just over TCP, the
ability to install as a service and utility Ping.
� Support for Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit)
� MSI-package to install the client agent
� Automatic Windows Firewall
� Support for fast user switching XP & Vista, as well as RDP
� Interactive input and remote authentication with smart cards
� Support for multiple monitor environments (both locally and
� DameWare Mirror Driver for enhanced speed and performance
� Authentication, integrated with the security system operating
� Encryption via Microsoft and crypto CryptoAPI, built into the
operating system and certified FIPS-140
� Implement a customer on the fly without having to reboot
� Ability to connect to the Mini Remote style or RDP (Remote
Desktop Protocol).
� Possibility of forced encryption of all connections
� The possibility of obtaining human user working at the computer
before connecting to its system
� Restrictions on access using IP-filtering
� Restrict access based on membership in a local or global group
� Restrict access based on a shared secret key
� General Session
� Easy file transfer (Simple File Transfer)
� Initialize the return connection from the client agent on the
remote machine to the administrator in the performance of MRC
� Amount of memory used by the client service is only 600k
� Ease of use provides an immediate return on investment
� Reasonable cost and licensing scheme.
The DameWare Mini Remote Control program is a powerful, yet
lightweight remote control tool intended primarily for Administrators
and Help Desk personnel. Mini Remote Control was developed
specifically for 32-bit & 64-bit Windows Operating Systems (both
Servers & Workstations), and was designed for quick and easy
deployment without external dependencies and machine reboots. The Mini
Remote Control program will run on, and also has the ability to
connect to, remote machines running Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP,
2003, Vista, 2008 & 7.
The DameWare Mini Remote Control program also uses the Operating
System? S built-in security, and currently offers several different
options for Encryption as well as four different authentication
methods, three of which are integrated within the Operating System
itself (NT Challenge / Response, Encrypted Windows Logon, and Smart
Card). The Mini Remote Client Agent can also be run as an Application,
or installed as a Service (default). Additional features include:
Simple File Transfer, Proxy, IP-Filter, Permission Required, Shared
Sessions, Multiple Monitors, Mirror Driver, RDP connection, Audit Log,
Smart Sizing (scale to fit), Full-Screen mode, View Only mode,
Keyboard & Mouse control, Remote Clipboard, Performance Settings,
Inactivity control, Remote Service Installation, Quick User Switching,
Ping, a Network Browser (Active Directory, Microsoft Windows Network,
or the SAM), and much more.
Don't be fooled by the name "Mini"! The DameWare Mini Remote Control
(DMRC) program is loaded with numerous features to help IT
professionals get the most out of remote control connectivity. Unlike
other Remote Control programs, the installation of the Mini Remote
Control Client Agent does not replace any existing Operating System
files, which also eliminates the need for a reboot of the remote
machine when connecting. By simply using Microsoft Windows API calls
to interact with the local and remote machines, the Mini Remote
Control is considered to be the most lightweight and independent
remote control application on the market. Hence the term "Mini."
The Mini Remote Control program offers quick and easy "on the fly"
deployment of its client agent service to remote machines .* Giving an
administrator the ability to remotely install the client agent service
eliminates the need to physically visit the remote machine to install
the software . This gives administrators the unique ability to remote
control any machine on the LAN or WAN (across town, across the
country, or even around the world) in a matter of seconds.
The Mini Remote Control includes extensive features with regard to
security and encryption, including multiple authentication methods
primarily designed to use the Operating System's built-in security. It
also offers additional options of encrypting all communications
between the remote and local machines, taking advantage of today's
standards for Encryption, Hashing, and Key Exchange.
Version 5.5 and above of the DameWare Mini Remote Control program is
also the only known third-party remote administration tool with the
ability to perform an Interactive Smart Card Login as well as Remote
Smart Card Authentication, using a Smart Card and PIN from your local
machine . This also does not require any type of Smart Card
Middleware, nor does it even require a Smart Card reader installed on
the remote machine.
With tons of settings and features, the Mini Remote Control can be
customized to fit your network environment. The Mini Remote Control
makes the NT Utilities software suite the ultimate administrative tool
for managing Windows based networks. No network is too big or too
small for the DameWare Mini Remote Control.
* IPv6 support including Connection Invitations
* U3 Mode for portability
* Support for Windows Vista, 2008 Server, and Windows 7
* Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems
* MSI package builder for the easy configuration and installation of
the MRC Client Agent Service
* Automatic configuration of Windows Firewall and Advanced Windows
* Wake on LAN ability
* Support for Fast User Switching as well as Microsoft's Remote
Desktop Program
* Interactive Smart Card Login and Remote Smart Card authentication
* Support for Multiple Monitor environments (local & remote)
* DameWare Mirror Driver for enhanced speed & performance
* Authentication integrated within the Operating System's Security
* Encryption via Microsoft's Cryptographic Service Providers &
CryptoAPIs built into the O / S itself, which are also FIPS-140
* Deployment of the MRC Client Agent Service "on the fly" with no
machine reboots
* Ability to connect via Mini Remote style connection, or RDP
(Remote Desktop Protocol) style connection.
* Ability to Force Encryption for all connections
* Unicode
* Ability to acquire permission from the Desktop User before
* Restrict access using IP Filtering
* Restrict access based upon Group membership
* Restrict access based upon a Shared Secret Key
* Email Notifications
* Shared Sessions
* Simple File Transfer
* Ease of use provides "out of the box" ROI
* Reasonable Cost & Licensing Scheme