Download key generator for Personal Knowbase 3.2.3

• Reduce paper clutter.
• Save hard disk space by consolidating small text files.
• Gather related information together.
• Find your information easily.
• Protect your private information with passwords.
• Cross-reference your notes with hypertext links.
Why use keywords?
Personal Knowbase Is a Unique Free-form Note Organizer Using
It's the perfect software for organizing research notes, e-mail
archives, tickler files, and more. Index your notes, messages, and
ideas using keywords for fast access.
• Clean, intuitive interface
• No limits on number or size of notes
• No unmanageable data trees
• Index on keywords that you choose
• Password protect your private information
• Carry it with you on a USB drive
Indexing with keywords sets Personal Knowbase apart from other
free-form database software. Remember, it doesn't matter how easily
you can store information if you can't find it.
Software that provides only string searches isn't enough. Even a
complete text search on any variation of “motherhood” won't locate
a great quote like “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the
world.” And with larger databases, searches often find many
irrelevant results. Using keywords, you can find information easily by
Software that categorizes your notes into categories isn't enough.
Does a note on books about national parks go under the Books category
or the Travel category? The answer is both! Using keywords, you can
cross reference your notes with as many keywords as you need.