Download key generator for E3 series 2011 12.2011.1010.0

The E3.Functional Design tool has been developed to make the up-front
sketchpad-type planning phase faster. The functional blocks are now
dynamic, enabling a user to create blocks on the fly that can be
updated with a complete library part later in the design process.
Rather than needing a library item to be defined, the designer can
simply sketch out the design and come back to the details later. There
are also numerous enhancements to the display, search and highlight
functions that enable designers to recognize changes and similarities
when making movements and placements within the functional design.
Variant management capabilities have been advanced within E3.panel,
the physical panel design module of E3.series, enabling the creation
of different variant panel layouts within the same design. This allows
the designer to optimize the panel layout in each variant, if desired,
by using a different-size backplate, rails, and component placement
for each.
Zuken has also made additional enhancements in detailed areas.
Connector handling has been improved to simplify the design process
with functions such as supporting bulkhead connectors, connectors with
pins within pins, and connectors with several plug sides. This
includes the flexibility to attribute a different signal name to a
connector part on each side of the connecting point, improved
automatic selection of mating connectors, plus checks to verify you
have used valid plug connectors.
E .series is Windows 7 compliant and runs natively on both 32-bit
and 64-bit operating systems.