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Unlike most language software programs, Learn to Speak? English
teaches the language from the ground up. It not only immerses the user
in the language, but it provides extensive grammar lessons as well.
The course is equivalent to a 2-year college course in English! Each
Lesson contains a vocabulary list, story, dialogue, grammar topic,
conversation lab, and exercises. Also included are fun games to break
the monotony while strengthening and reinforcing learning. Speech
recognition technology allows users to test their knowledge and
perfect their accents with immediate feedback from the computer.
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Included with the Learn to Speak:
English software is a 115-page workbook for practicing away from the
What is the Best Way to Learn English? In order to truly learn
English, you must learn to do four things:
* Learn English grammar
* Learn English vocabulary
* Be able to listen to and comprehend the English language
* To be understood by others when you speak English
Learn to Speak? English is designed with these four things in mind.
Unlike many other language software programs, Learn to Speak? English
does much more than help you memorize words. Using a step-by-step
process, you learn both vocabulary and grammar rules. Then, using the
speech recognition technology, you can test your proficiency in
speaking and understanding English.
Learn to Speak English 10 includes the following features:
* 40 Lessons
* Speech Recognition
* Games & Crossword Puzzles
* Audio Course
* iPOD and MP3 Lessons
* Printed Reference Book
* Personalized Lesson Plans
* Diagnostic Pre test
* Practice Workshops
* Advanced Online Courses
* Online Cultural Resources
* PDA Dictionary
* Printable exercises
* 1 convenient DVD-ROM
* Bonus MP3 Audio Tour