Download key generator for CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5 SP3. DVD9

Get going quickly with new professionally designed templates and
learning materials. Find graphics, fonts and images on your computer
faster than ever with new Corel CONNECT. Re-purpose and share your
creations anywhere with expanded file compatibility. Then output
everywhere, from Web banners and animations, to logos, custom signs
and more.
* More speed with new multi-core support
* More rich content and professional templates
* More learning tools, video tutorials and expert tips
* More compatibility, with support for over 100 file formats
* More color control and consistency
* More Web capabilities, including Flash animation support
* More output options for print, Web, digital signs and more
Built-in Content Organizer
Speed up your workflow with Corel CONNECT, a built-in content
organizer that helps you find graphics, templates, fonts and images
instantly on your computer. Your selected content is stored in the
tray that is synchronized between CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT,
giving you instant access to your content.
Built-in Content Organizer
Create Web graphics and animations more efficiently than ever with
new features, such as a Pixels mode that shows exactly how your
content will display online, and a new Web animation tool. Plus, a new
Export Dialog box now lets you compare file formats before export, so
you can optimize your settings to achieve the highest file quality.
Web Graphics and Animation Tools
Convert your bitmap images into high-quality vector objects with
even more precision and smoothness, thanks to the greatly enhanced
Corel PowerTRACE. This version of PowerTRACE provides the best tracing
results yet.
Corel PowerTRACE
Complete your tasks faster with powerful performance enhancements
that leverage multi-core processing to maximize your computer's power.
This latest edition is optimized for Windows 7 and offers new
touch-screen support, as well as support for Windows Vista and Windows
Completely Re-designed Color Management Engine
Control color consistency across different media and generate a
distinct color palette for each document. A new color management
engine introduces greater color accuracy, plus support for new color
profiles from PANTONE. Minimize your ecological footprint and reduce
costly reprints by knowing that your colors are accurate before you
Completely Re-designed Color Management Engine
Create compelling print and online materials with a powerful set of
new and enhanced drawing, bitmap-to-vector tracing, diagramming,
artistic media and text tools. It's all the graphics software you need
for effective visual communication.
Visual Communication Tools
Re-purpose and share your creations anywhere with broad file
compatibility. Dozens of supported file formats, including PDF, JPG,
PNG, EPS, AI, TIFF, PSD and DOCX, let you import and export files with
other graphics software efficiently.
Responsive Drawing Tools
In response to user feedback, we've introduced the option to lock
toolbars in place, expanded your printing options, and made
improvements to the Eyedropper, Mesh Fill and other popular drawing
Expert Insights and Engaging
Get more design insights with new and updated video tutorials,
engaging learning materials and a visually rich, online guidebook that
contains new articles from experts. (A hard cover, full-color, printed
guidebook is available with the box version.) Be inspired to do more
than you thought possible!
High-value Digital Content
Enrich your designs with over 1,000 professional fonts, including
Helvetica, Garamond and Frutiger fonts for the first time ever. Plus,
take advantage of high-value digital content, such as premium clipart,
royalty-free photos and vehicle templates. Give your work a
professional finish without spending extra time and money- you'll find
all the graphics software and resources you need right here!