Download key generator for Volvo IMPACT Trucks and Buses 2011 3.11.52

Working in Volvo Impact
Work in Impact is based on searching for Parts-, Service-, Standard
time- and Tool information.
In the Navigate tab you search relevant information in those areas.
You need to know two things: which vehicle that is concerned, and the
function group of the function/system you are interested in. You can
also add additional search values to narrow down the search result.
Thereafter you can work with the information in the Detail tab.
You can reduce your workload with the My List function to
administrate the information. Here you can also make use of the
interfaces from Impact to other systems that your dealer has. This is
done through the Send information section.
In addition to this there are functions such as Notes and Bookmarks
that you can use to mark-up specific information.
If there are major concerns that need to be reported, please use the
Information concern report.
Search for information
Work in the Detail tab
Work in My list
Interface towards other systems
Search for information
The Navigator is used for searching. The tabs in the Navigator are
marked Parts, Service information, Standard times, and Tools.
You search in a similar way in all the Navigator tabs (except the My
list tab). The tabs contain different search fields, but with a few
exceptions the search procedure is as follows:
In the Top menu, select Navigator.
Choose tab: Parts, Service, Standard times, or Tools.
Click the Navigate tab.
Enter search criteria about the object you are searching for. See
Search Criteria informationbelow.
(Optional) Click Additional Search values, to enter extra search
information to narrow your search.
Click Search. The result appears. (If it is a parts catalogue, you
can select between text or pictures directly in the results. Click the
information link (or the Thumbnail images icon, if applicable).
Click the preferred information. Now the Detail tab is shown, and
the detailed information is presented.
The search result can easily be extracted and attached to an E-mail
or sent to the Printer.
See also:
Search for Parts
Search for Service information
Search for Standard times
Search for Tools
Select how to view the information
Tip! When you navigate in the Navigator, a log is created. You can
use this Log to jump back to a section you have visited previously.
The Log is available via the Top menu.