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About QuadSpinner
Creator of 3D products and tutorials, QuadSpinner is considered by
users and critics to be the best source of learning for realism in
Vue. Dedicated to simplistic innovation, inherent value, and dramatic
realism, QuadSpinner was founded to make valuable knowledge and
progressive assets available to everyone at affordable prices.
In QuadSpinner 3D models Collection for Vue included:
- Ancient Arches HyperTerrains
Mother Nature is a revered architect, an exquisite artist whose
creations leave us breathless or in silent awe. Ancient arches are
iconic examples of her perfection. All are formed by erosion -
chiseled by water, weather, or the collapse of a cave. Their immensity
and seeming fragility create unparalleled beauty.
This special collection of HyperTerrains gives you the chance to
tell an olden tale with natural ruins. Their unique individual shapes,
including one double arch and one decayed double arch, will support
the scenes that spring from your imagination. They work well in a
variety of environments - such as deserts, canyons, coastlines - and
can be easily mixed with Natural Monuments and Supernoi.
- ShimmerWind Lake
One of QuadSpinner's latest innovations is ShimmerWind, an advanced
technique that enables you to create lifelike water like never before.
To get a feel, we invite you to dive in to ShimmerWind Lake, a scene
that spotlights a lighter version of this unique water material.
- Sunbeams
Sunbeams capture the attention of everyone. Whether they appear thru
menacing skies over the vast ocean or rolling prairies, or signal the
descent of the sun through a dense forest. During those fleeting
moments, Godrays often elicit a hush in the onlooker. The name alone
speaks of the presence of a higher power.
In 3D, Godrays infuse the same impact into a scene, sometimes
foreshadowing the hero's drama and ultimate victory. However,
achieving realistic results digitally can be tricky, as specific
conditions are required.
QuadSpinner's Dax Pandhi has received accolades for his development
of dramatic Godrays with physically accurate world-scale. We are eager
to share this collection of 4 scenes, each showcasing different moods
created by this special atmosphere. We encourage you to treat these
scenes as a set - the basic location upon which you, as Director, can
build, create, expand.
- Elder Peaks
You can do it! Keep climbing, even though the thin air is burning
your lungs. Elder Peaks are calling you. Beautifully cloaked in an
ultra fine, powdery snow material, this giant 4km x4km terrain also
features incredibly real rock peering out from beneath the snow - a
new variation of a member of QuadSpinner's Mineral Infinity
collection. And don your sunglasses - this high altitude atmosphere is
wickedly bright.
- ShimmerWind Banks
This QuadSpinner scene takes you to the river's edge in a lush pine
forest. ShimmerWind Banks is so pristine, you can hear nature's
heartbeat and the river's gentle song. The combination of different
terrains and distant mountains adds the beauty and depth that inspire
a sense of wonder and bliss.
- Black Bear Range
QuadSpinner invites you to Black Bear Range. This adaptable scene,
inspired by northern Arizona's Kaibab National Forest, could be at the
heart of the tee-pee circle in a Native American community or the long
pause of a wagon train venturing west. Deer, bison, bear, and wild
mustangs inhabit these meadows and hills.
- Arid Tempest
Don't be fooled by the idyllic blue skies overhead, this alluring
force of nature is real and steadily moving through the canyons, like
a heard of mighty buffalo. Arid Tempest is whipping up any loose
particle in her path. This dynamic scene includes unique sand material
and hyper-realistic MetaCloud Sandstorm material. The special
desertscape atmosphere lends a sense of the surreal. And the
canyon-floor camera angle can actually quicken your pulse.
- Supernoi HyperTerrains
This dynamic collection of HyperTerrains sports the most common
patterns you can find in nature. They are chameleon rocks that can be
adapted to almost any environment.
Supernoi is based on a multitude of voronoi fractals that work
together. This unique technique produces intricate cracks through
rounded facets in the rock surface. The resulting shapes are
dramatically realistic.
Inspired by the mouth-watering limestone rock wonders in Zion
National Park, Supernoi showcases the outcome of nature's evolutionary
erosion process. These HyperTerrains appear as if they were created by
the flow of sea water and subsequent ice wedging over millions of
years. Grains carried by wind sandblasted these immense boulders.
- The Pillars of Ascension
The Pillars of Ascension are otherworldly HyperTerrains from the
surface of The Battlefield that can be erected several hundred meters
tall. Visualize these outlandish formations towering overhead to
create the ideal scape for galactic adventures, faction struggles, and
do-or-die starfighter dogfights.
The HyperTerrains' detailed displacement is baked with low density
for fast performance without compromising detail. Another bonus, this
collection and The Invasion alien materials are compatible forces.
- Wolverine Pikes
QuadSpinner brings you the territory where epic tales are born,
where man's will to succeed rises beyond the harsh conditions he
faces. Wolverine Pikes foreshadows danger, a frigid scape where only
the most skilled and determined survive.
- Mystical Mesas - Ute
We are excited to present this collection of mesa scenes as part of
QuadSpinner's Mesa Mastery series.
Hovenweep - This eerily authentic mesa features a long stretched
desolate valley with steep imposing walls. You can almost feel the
scorch of the sun and whipping of the wind.
Mesa Verde - A vast desert surrounded by towering weathered
Cajon - Inspired by tales of the Old West, these massive mesas form
a vast maze from crumbling table top to canyon floor.
At a quick glance, these mystical mesas may appear deceptively
similar. However, upon closer look, you may b e inspired by the volume
of possibilities each terrain offers. The secret is in the camera.
Carefully designed with story telling in mind, these dramatic terrains
invite shoots from an array of angles and positions, each yielding a
very different backdrop and appearance. This makes sequencing and
animation a breeze.
- Terrain Pack ( Mountains, Desertscapes, Coastal Contours, Volcanic
QuadSpinner products are intended to help you create your dream
images and tell your stories. Our terrains are designed for a
multiplicity of scenes. Inspired by field research in India, Central
America and the US, these terrains will be imbed your scenes with
unparalleled realism. Especially when combined with our dramatic
Atmospheres and the unique materials in the QuadSpinner Foundry, the
possibilities are endless. Fuel your imagination; ignite your