Download key generator for Two Dogs Software TaskSurfer 1.1.12

TaskSurfer gives you all of the tools you need to manage things the
way you want. Stick things in folders, use contexts to decide where
and when to work on stuff, or tag it with a location and let your Mac
sort it out for you. Go crazy with tags and use the Tag Browser to
keep it sane. Because TaskSurfer is written on top of core Mac OS X
technologies, you�ll be up and running right out of the box.
If we�re going to spend time in front of a computer, we�d rather
spend it in front of our Macs. But that�s not always possible, and
that�s why TaskSurfer synchronizes your tasks to Toodledo, the
web-based task management service. If you don�t get to use a Mac at
work or on the road, you can access your tasks from any web browser.
Many popular iPhone and iPad task management applications sync with
Toodledo (including Two Dogs� own forthcoming iPhone/iPad apps), so
you�re not locked into someone else�s idea of what mobile task
management should be.
TaskSurfer takes advantage of the good things in Mac OS X Snow
Leopard, like 64-bit processing to use all the power of your Mac, and
Core Location so that your Mac knows where you are.
Sync Synchronize your tasks with Toodledo to keep Macs synchronized
at home and office, and access to your tasks even when you�re not in
front of your Mac.
tagExplorer32 Tags - keep your tasks organized the way that works
for you.
With the Tag Browser, it�s easy to view your tagged tasks any way
you want.
Location20 Location-based Contexts - using Snow Leopard�s Core
Location services, your Mac knows where you�re what and what tasks
you should be working on.
Pasted Graphic Accessible - written and tested to support VoiceOver.