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WebPlus X5 is very much a WYSIWYG web editor that keeps code out of
sight and instead favours a drag and drop design approach. That's not
to say it places any constraints on how pages are created, and
ambitious types with distinct ideas can start with a blank document
and then assemble a layout from scratch using a variety of predefined
web elements. Text frames, image frames, buttons and navigation bars
can all be dragged onto a page from the 'QuickBuilder Bar' and then
formatted, much like in a DTP application, using a range of toolbars,
palettes and Properties dialog boxes.
The WebPlus X5 interface mimics that of other Serif applications and
makes extensive use of drag-and-drop tools for page creation and
DTP-like options for formatting
Basic page structure in place, more web furniture can then be
dropped into place from the Flyout toolbar that runs down the left of
the WebPlus X5 window. These range from simple things like image
galleries, creatively formatted text for logos, tables and embedded
multimedia, to far more sophisticated content like site search tools,
RSS feeds and javascript-powered pop-ups. WebPlus X5 also offers three
e-commerce options, including PayPal, although the emphasis here is on
ease of set-up rather than flexibility. Even so, the fact that WebPlus
X5 can create a basic online sales site within a matter of minutes
without the need to worry about any server-side set up makes this a
promising application for a fledging internet business.
WebPlus X5 can also be used to create entire structured sites using
a simple tree-structured interface that provides full control over
page metadata
A similar Wizard-led approach is also used to implement more
sophisticated online features like forums and blogs. The learning
curve does get a little steeper here, but WebPlus X5 completely does
away with the need to worry about server-side PHP installs and mySQL
databases. Instead, these are inserted as 'Smart Objects' into a site.
Serif provides a 12-month hosting package as part of the
WebPlus X5 purchase price, but Smart Objects are stored for free on
Serif's servers.
With all the necessary configuration and coding handled by WebPlus
X5, the user just has to provide some relatively simple set-up
information to get things going. The Help system could be a little
more supportive in explaining this process, but anyone with a basic
understanding of what a forum or blog is about should be able to
figure things out quickly enough. doesn't have to be used for site hosting, as WebPlus X5
can publish a site to any host via FTP (Smart Objects are still stored
on Serif's servers, though). However, with you get domain
name registration for one .com or address, 2GB of space and
25GB a month bandwidth and fool-proof integration with the
application, which makes it very suitable for novices. After the first
year hosting costs