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Adobe Soundbooth CS5 LS7 3.0.0 Multilanguage
Create and edit audio with ease! Adobe� Soundbooth� CS5 software
makes it easy to create and edit audio for all your productions.
Task-based features and tight integration with other Adobe
applications let you edit sound and accomplish audio tasks with
complete creative control. Adobe� Soundbooth� software gives web
designers, video editors, and other creative professionals the tools
to create and polish audio, customize music, add sound effects, and do
much more.
Take command of the audio in your film and video projects, as well
as rich media projects created with Adobe� Flash� Professional.
Task-based tools help you clean up recordings, polish voice-overs,
customize music and sound effects, and do much more. High-quality
production becomes more efficient with Adobe Soundbooth� CS5,
without sacrificing creative control.
� Adobe Sound Document (ASND) file format: Take advantage of the
new Adobe Sound Document format, which packages multiple tracks into
an ASND file that can be shared easily with Adobe Premiere Pro, Flash
Professional, or After Effects software without modifying the original
� Looping tools: Create loops more easily with automatic beat
detection. You can adjust the in and out points by individual beats
and adjust the minimum and maximum frequency, as well as the beat
detection sensitivity.
� Volume keyframing: Easily adjust the volume of your dialogue and
sound effects tracks, or adjust the volume of your audio over time.
� Soundbooth Scores and improved workflow: Easily locate and
preview royalty-free Soundbooth Scores in Resource Central (Internet
connection required). Select a Soundbooth Score and customize it to
genres with the easy-to-use Scores panel.
� Speech Search: Turn spoken dialogue into text-based,
timecode-accurate metadata that makes your video searchable. Search
keywords to locate and display what you�re looking for � or even
cut video based on the script.
� MP3 Compression Preview: Preview the sound quality of different
MP3 compression settings, and view the new file size before committing
to specific compression settings to achieve the results you want.
� Automatic volume correction: Equalize volume with one click, or
use new volume-matching functionality to quickly match the volume of
multiple clips to one another or to a single reference volume level.
� Visual tools for healing sound: Use tools like those in Adobe
Photoshop software to visually identify, select, and remove unwanted
sounds from a revealing spectral display of your waveform.
What�s new in Adobe Soundbooth CS5 3.0:
� Improved multitrack editing [an error occurred while processing
this directive]: Mix and edit multitrack projects with more control.
Resize the multitrack project window to easily work with more tracks.
Split clips or copy and drag clips to different tracks.
� More royalty-free sound effects and Soundbooth Scores [an error
occurred while processing this directive]: Kick-start your soundtrack
with royalty-free content: More than 10,000 sound effects and over 130
customizable Soundbooth Scores are now available. Drag and drop sound
effects or scores into your multitrack project to customize, combine,
and layer.
� Task-based audio editing: Use intuitive task-based tools to
quickly enhance and edit audio. Heal sound visually; remove pops,
clicks, and hums; and quickly adjust volume levels.