Download key generator for Photocopier Pro 4.02

PHOTOCOPIER - Excellent and a great solution for small office and
home use. If you have a scanner, printer, and this program, you get a
modern and powerful copier (copier). Controlled by it simply, you only
press the Copy button on your scanner, copier how to start.
For all its simplicity, however, features far exceed the hardware
version, so for example, you can see the image before displaying it to
the printer, to produce its mirror inversion and change, automatic and
manual removal of excess portions of the image, set the mode to black
and white or color image, adjust the grayscale, and more. Also allowed
to use the scanner instead of a digital camera and saving images in
the printed graphics formats JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc.
Got a scanner and a printer? Why not combine the two into a copier?
You no longer need a real photo copier if you have Photocopier. This
is how it goes: insert a document into your scanner, start Photocopier
and press its Copy button. After a few moments your printer produces a
copy of the document. That's it. No difficult settings to make, it's
very user friendly.
Make copies just by pressing the Copy button on your scanner.
Get a preview of the scanned image before printing starts.
Manipulate (invert, mirror) the scanned image from the preview window.
Have greater control over scan resolution.
Remove superfluous parts of the scanned image with the Auto and
Manual crop functions.
Select the imaging device to use. Convenient when you have both a
scanner and a digital camera installed on your system.
Specify which printer Photocopier should use, specify separate
printers for black and white, grey scale and colour copies.
Instruct Photocopier to pause before printing starts. Convenient
when you have scanner and printer attached to your system via a switch
Save the scanned image in a variety of graphic formats (JPEG, GIF,
PNG, TIFF etc) from Photocopier's preview window.