Download key generator for SIGERSHADERS V-Ray Material Presets Pro 2.1.0

This is a powerful material collection for 3ds max and V-Ray
(Macroscript). It will includes shaders like: Metal, Ceramic, Leather,
Stone, Mosaic, Concrete, Carpaint, Liquid, Wall.
o Metal Materials (140)
o Ceramics Materials (70)
o Leather Materials (82)
o Stone Materials (36)
o Mosaic Materials (12)
o Concrete Materials (30)
o Carpaint (37)
o Liquid (59)
o Wall (50)
* Compatible with 3ds Max 2009/2010/2011.
* Compatible with V-Ray SP2/SP3/SP4/SP5, V-Ray 2.0
* Compatible with SolidRocks
* All materials have been tested by professionals on real projects.
* You can select the resolution of used textures (High / Medium)
* All textures used are seamless (706 maps on 1.66GB).
* Friendly and simple interface.
* Useful for V-Ray newbies, average and power users.
* If Vista/Win7 chops off UAC is restarted if necessary;
* Do not forget to resolve this in firewall;
* Set the setup VMPP2;
* Launch 3ds max;
* Replace the original MPSP_main;
mpsplock.dat store it in the root of Max;
* Launch VMPP2 (found in customise customise user interface Toolbar
ALL komands Siger Shaders and pulls it to the toolbar);
* Then in the settings, specify the path to textures: C:Program
FilesAutodesk3ds Max 2011scriptsSigerShadersMPSPmaps;