Download key generator for Call of Duty: World at War Zombie Realism 2.2

_Genre: Action / Shooter / Mods + Maps_
Zombie Realism - a mod that adds many new Fitch in zombie mode. For
example, a rating system with 65 rows / 10 levels of prestige, 10 new
weapons, bosses, rounds, custom classes, and more! It is also included
in the distribution of a collection of cards
In this fashion a weapon out of CoD4 and CoD5
The rank system (65 ranks + 10 levels of prestige)
The ability to create a class (after 65 rank)
4 difficulty levels
- Light
- Norm
- Veteran
- Harkod
There is a zombie bosses
Otdelnnaya game with a timer survival zombie crawl nepriryvnoy wave
(very hard)
There is a 4th class player
- Suport - provides boxes of ammunition (being next to the boxes you
gradually restores cartridges)
- Soldier - improving health
- Engineer - the ability to quickly zakalachivat windows include
electricity and pitfalls chenit perk machine
- Medic - The ability to treat the wounded, very quickly
voostanavlivaet your health
- Custom Class - available on 65 lvl
Quick Revive - Fast resurrection, may be used only medic
vooskreshenie is instantaneous, all the other classes will use the
usual Revive
upgrade 1 - momentary voostanovlenie
Exstrime condition - you can run farther and faster
upgrade 1 - x3 distance running speed of 10
upgrade 2 - x4 distance running speed of 20
Double tap - Increases the rate of 75%
upgrade 1 - Increases the rate of 85%
upgrade 2 - Increases the rate of 95%
Stopping power - weapon does 20% damage
upgrade 1 - weapon does 25% damage
upgrade 2 - weapon does 30% damage
Juggernaut - increases health by 160%
upgrade 1 - Increases health by 190%
upgrade 2 - Increases health by 220%
Sleight of Hand - reload speed 50% faster
upgrade 1 - reload speed 60% faster
upgrade 2 - reload speed 70% faster
Overkill - you can carry 3 weapons
Steady aim - increases the accuracy of fire
upgrade one - increases the accuracy of shooting 72%
upgrade 2 - Increases shooting accuracy 79%
Map Pack includes all the currently available three parts:
MAP PACK # 1 (Updated in v2.2) MAP PACK # 2 (Updated in v2.2) MAP
PACK # 3
* Nazi_zombie_cimetiere * nazi_zombie_bonzai * nazi_zombie_creek
* Nazi_zombie_col * nazi_zombie_const * nazi_zombie_dawn2
* Nazi_zombie_cor * nazi_zombie_corrosion * nazi_zombie_doom3x
* Nazi_zombie_core2 * nazi_zombie_hq * nazi_zombie_op4
* Nazi_zombie_demise * nazi_zombie_killzone revisited v1.1
* Nazi_zombie_fruchurch * nazi_zombie_ufso
* Nazi_zombie_frumansion * nuclear_silo
* Nazi_zombie_fruxtreme * simpsons
* Nazi_zombie_gould
* Nazi_zombie_hm
* Nazi_zombie_labo
* Nazi_zombie_rage
* Nazi_zombie_subway
* Nazi_zombie_tun
* Nazi_zombie_western
v2.1 Hotfix Progress
Added - More maps have been added to the map packs.
Fixed - Bug where the random box would freeze (and not let you take
the weapon) has been fixed.
Fixed - Juggernaut should no longer have the one-hit bug.
Fixed - Timed gameplay now works correctly on nazi_zombie_hq.
Fixed - Bug where you could not buy ammo for certain weapons has
been fixed.
Fixed - Kills with the Kar98k are no longer automatically counted as
Fixed - Bug where players would start in spectator mode in
nazi_zombie_killzone has been fixed.
Fixed - Headshot counter should now display the correct amount of
Fixed - Bug where only one boss round would work has been fixed.
Fixed - All supported maps should now run without errors.
Fixed - Bug where you would respawn with no weapons has been fixed.
Fixed - Bug that caused several repeat powerups to spawn once a boss
was killed has been fixed.
Fixed - Custom class with medic ability now has correct revive time.
Fixed - The 'Arisaka' is now spelled correctly in the class menu.
Fixed - 'Failed to join session in progress' error should no longer
occur (you should not have to restart CoD: WaW).
Changed - Max ammo is now given after a boss is killed during boss
rounds (it will give max ammo to all players, but it is NOT a
Changed - Cost of random box has been lowered to 1350.
Changed - Old scoring system is back (points for damaging zombies,
Changed - All weapons are in mystery box, including modern weapons.
Changed - The class menu no longer opens when spectating (was
causing bugs on several maps). It opens only when you respawn.
Changed - The STG44 has been moved back to 'Submachine Guns' in the
class menu.
Zombie Realism v2
Fixed - Double Points and Insta-kill icons no longer overlap ammo
box icon.
Fixed - Stielhandgranates can now be bought. They also don't let you
buy over and over, even if at 4.
Fixed - Modern weapons should no longer show up in the random box
before round 7.
Fixed - Rank Progress Bar now shows up correctly. It's also been
Fixed - Upgraded Flamethrower now recharges.
Fixed - Second Chance no longer takes all perks. It only takes
Second Chance (you must buy it again if you want it).
Fixed - Sticky grenades should no longer be given if you have monkey
Fixed - Perks no longer overlap the intro text.
Fixed - Other players can now take weapons from the random box after
4-5 seconds.
Fixed - Extra perk icon on re-spawn should no longer show up.
Fixed - The Help menu now shows the correct rank unlocks info for
the Desert Eagle, Double-Barrel, and the Sawed-off Double-Barrel.
Fixed - Timed gameplay no longer causes game to restart right away
after every player is dead (no longer spawns players with only
Fixed - Custom class now correctly saves.
Fixed - Overkill perk no longer takes third weapon after going down.
Fixed - The help menu now shows 'Extreme Conditioning' under the
correct rank.
Fixed - The random box no longer freezes in Der Riese.
Fixed - Bosses now spawn correctly after the first boss round.
Fixed - The perk icon after losing second chance now changes to the
correct icon.
Fixed - The text for the perks and secondary grenades now show up
Fixed - Switching from upgraded Panzershrek to a different weapon no
longer takes the Panzershrek.
Fixed - Buyable stielhandgranates in Verruckt now work correctly.
Fixed - Buyable molotovs in nazi_zombie_western now work correctly.
Fixed - Juggernaut now regenerates health correctly.
Fixed - Difficulty, timed gameplay, and boss settings now save (no
longer reset everytime you open the main menu, etc.).
Fixed - The bug where you could not buy second chance from the perk
machine after losing second chance has been fixed.
Fixed - The bug where you would be given sticky grenades after
revive even if they were not picked in the class menu has been fixed.
Changed - 'Rifles' has been replaced with 'Assault Rifles' and
'Semi-automatic Rifles' in the class menu.
Changed - The 'STG44' has been moved to 'Assault Rifles' in the
class menu.
Changed - The Double-Barrel is now unlocked at 28.
Changed - The Sawed-off Double-Barrel is now unlocked at 32.
Changed - Trench Gun + Grip now has six shots.
Changed - The folder name for the mod has been changed to
Changed - There are now 65 ranks. Prestige has also been added.
Changed - One modern weapon is unlocked per prestige level (rank 10
on each prestige).
Changed - The random box now only has weapons that are 'good' (and
modern weapons show up starting on round 7).
Changed - The random box cost has been increased to 2000.
Changed - M16 replaced with G36C.
Changed - M4 + M203 replaced with M4 + Red Dot.
Changed - W1200 Winchester replaced with M1014.
Changed - All classes now save your kit setup (they reset each
prestige, however).