Download key generator for Redshift 7 Premium Download Edition and Video Gallery

Redshift 7 Premium is your comprehensive guide to the heavens. A
huge panorama of the MilkyWay, photo-realistic horizons and a 3-D
flight out of our galaxy are only a few ways in which Redshift turns
astronomy into a breathtaking and inspiring experience. Countless
unique features such as telescope and joystick control, over 100
multimedia tours, macro recorder to create your own tours, online
access to the Digitized Sky Survey and Google Maps, high quality
videos, animations and the extensive help make Redshift 7 Premium the
indispensable guide to the night skies.
• Video Gallery*
• Video History of the Universe*
• Lectures*
• Printed Manual
• USNO-B1.0 star catalog (there are "only" 2.5 million stars
instead of 100 million but you can easily update the software online)
• Realistic 3-D model of our galaxy with impressive 3-D flights
• Now more than 2.5 million stars, planets and Deep Sky objects
• Includes exoplanets an dwarf planets
• New Horizon Panoramas fur Earth, Moon and Mars
• Direct access to star catalogs SIMBAD and SOHO
comets and asteroids from the latest object databases on the Internet
into the main Redshift database. Updates are provided at least twice a
• Comprehensive observation planner for your in-the-field
• Direct link to for the exchange of guided
tours and workspaces
• Tracking and visualization tools, chart asteroids, comets, and
meteor showers
• Telescope control for most popular brands of robotic telescopes
(ASCOM compliant)
• Recording and exchange of guided tours
• Numerical integration calculates the exact motion of comets and
• Photo Galleries show hundreds of photos devoted to space and
• Special “3D-flight” mode to study celestial bodies from a
close distance, also controllable with a joystick
Operating System: Win 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7
CPU Typ and Speed: Athlon/Pentium, 1,5 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics: 1024 x 768 / High Color (16 Bit)
Hard Drive Space: 1 GB
Audio: 16 Bit
* indicates these features (Video gallery, lectures, history of the
universe) are available as a separate file within this torrent named
‘Redshift Video Gallery.rar’. These files were taken from Redshift
6 Premium and the launch html file was slightly modified to allow
playing back these features within your web browser. Simply unrar the
file into any folder and launch one of the index_???.html files –
one version opens each selection in a new window, the other within the
same window. It’s not pretty but it works. ;)
Note that these files are exactly the same quality as those
available as a plugin for Redshift 7 so don’t complain about the
low-res piss-poor quality like I did.
2. Put the crack ‘rs7_kg.exe’ in the installed program folder.
3. Create a shortcut to the keygen. Open the shortcut properties
dialog. In the "Target" field after quote insert a space and the
serial number, for example, 0449T-F7100 (I used this one, although you
can write any other serial you may have).
4. Launch Redshift 7, then startup the keygen using the shortcut
created in step 3 which will open a dos cmd window with activation
5. Copy the serial and activation code into the appropriate window
6. Done!
Note that you may have to run the program and keygen as
administrator, at least until activated. Can’t say for sure since my
account has admin privileges.
Tested and working on Windows 7 x64 & x86 and Windows XP 32 bit
(VMware). Scanned with ESET Smart Security v4.2.40, latest defs.
Note that my upload is capped at 50 kB/s so please be patient. If
you’re in a hurry grab the program first (900MB) then the video
gallery which is another 1.8 GB.
Also, there is a post on the Redshift forum for those running
Windows 7 – if you have problems setting the correct timezone,
change the properties of the main executable to Vista compatibility. I
didn’t need to do this but some of you may have to.
After years of using Starry Night Pro, I needed to find something
else suitable for my lowly Intel Atom Z520 powered netbook since
Starry Night is such a resource hog. So far it seems to run
beautifully. Each has its pros and cons of course, but I found
Redshift useful enough to also install on my desktop. I haven’t used
it long enough to say which one is better overall, but it’s
definitely growing on me.
Thanks to the original uploader, Ant_X, at for
Redshift 7 Premium DE. The video gallery was compiled and modified to
run by me.
Also a huge thanks to all the uploaders and seeders here on
Demonoid. It’s a rare thing for me to find something not already
posted, so it feels great to finally have a chance to give something
If anyone has access to the USNO-B1.0 star catalog, I’d greatly
appreciate it.