Download key generator for 3D models Collection for Daz3D and Poser Vol 6

DAZ Productions originated as the Poser-production division of
Zygote Media Group, Inc., in Provo, Utah where the content included
within Poser 3 and 4 was born. After creating the default content for
MetaCreations, Daz developed the "Millennium Woman" Victoria and the
"Millennium Man" Michael figures. With a tremendous positive response
from the Poser user base, DAZ gained a strong reputation as the
premier source for Poser oriented digital content. In December of
2000, DAZ branched off from Zygote, and became a freestanding
corporation. In January 2001, DAZ Productions opened its first
e-commerce website with 159 products. DAZ has built a business by
creating 3D digital content at affordable price points offered to the
public via an online store. DAZ also works closely with third party
artists and offers an online publishing program through which these
artists can make their own creations available to the DAZ customer
The Renderosity community is made up of members who have a passion
for helping others learn, share and grow in digital art. The
participation and interaction among members has slowly built a family
and a place known as a "home". The Renderosity membership is a very
interactive community with forums, chats, free content and a
marketplace for digital products and 3D models.
In 3D models Collection for Daz3D and Poser vol.5 it is included:
- 10 Knights Set
This is a set of ten different clothing textures for each the Tunic
and the Tabard, aswell as a full chainmail suit.
37 texture poses in all! Each outfit is based on a drawing seen in
the 14th Century 'Codex Manesse', one of the most important
manuscripts of medieval Germany. (Accuracies vary though, since not
each knight is depicted with the same amount of detail and I had to
take some artistic license. But it's not meant to be an accurate
recreation anyways!)
- St Michael's Gate
This gate which used to be one of the entrances to the city of
Paris, features two very different styles. One being clearly medieval,
military in style, with strong fortifications, while the other is at
the transition of late medieval and renaissance, more airy and
decorative in style. Included are two crenelated walls of different
sizes to match the gate.
- LoREZ Horse
Now it's possible to fill your scenes with a low resolution horse
that looks good and is easy on computer resources. The base horse
figure has only 3157 polygons, coupled with a version with Saddle/Tack
that comes to only 4867. A separate Unicorn figure is also included.
There are several morphs for the mouth, close eyes, thicken legs; and
a further 10 injection channels for future custom morphs to be loaded.
The props include a bridle and reins that maybe possible in most
cases to use Poser's Cloth Room for dynamic fitting. Constrained
vertices have been set-up on both props. The other two smart-props are
a Unicorn horn and the BedRoll for the Saddle
There are 23 textures to choose from including variations on Black,
Brown, Chestnut, Grey and White. There is an included Normal map for
both DAZ Studio and Poser versions, however there are separate MATs
available if you require not to use this option. Numerous MATs are
available to swap over the mane from left to right, also turn off the
Fetlock hair and two options for the Forelock that will help to fit
the horn. Four different textures are available for the Saddle
Blanket. Finally there are 10 poses.
- Besieged
There's plenty of castles in the Poserverse, but not a lot of ways
to take them down... until now! With a torsion style catapult, classic
battering ram, and the incredibly HUGE trebuchet, start showing those
cowards hiding behind their walls that they're just not safe anymore!
- Greatswords
Zweihanders. Zanbatous. Claymores. Great big wedges o' steel.
Whatever you want to call them, few weapons are as purely intimidating
as the classic two-handed Greatsword. While they may not have been
used very often (or in some cases at all) in history, fantasy and
fiction has these mighty blades as the most powerful of all. Now you
can properly arm your fantasy warriors in an imposing method befitting
their heroic stature!
- LoREZ Monk
This great looking standalone monk is perfect as low resolution
character for your scenes. It comes with three figures, Hood Up, Hood
Down and with no Hood, they range from 6652 to 6998 polygons. Based on
the popular Lorenzo Lorez low resolution male figure by Predatron this
monk figure has many of the same facial and body morphs. Also all the
Lorenzo skin textures can easily be used on the monk. The Monk Robes
are the low resolution version of the M4 Monk Robes and all the
textures are lower in resolution too. Both can work very well together
when lots of monks are required in a scene.
- 4 Corners Keep: Dark Places, Commons, Pyramid
This is the bottom 5 levels of a fairly good compromise between a
realistic and a fantasy medieval keep. It has 13 levels, where a
normal keep might have two or three floors. This is the bottom five
levels. The basement, dungeons, sub-dungeon, and a deep place with a
water filled pit well in the middle, good for feeding prisoners to
ancient and terrible monsters. I have finished and will be uploading
most of the rest before Christmas. Next week should include the ground
floor, with a firepit for cooking, the second floor with tables,
shelves and a fireplace for cooking, plus the surrounding terrain and
external environments for the keep. There will be barrels, sacks,
tables, chairs, beds, not very fancy. If you do research, beds and
chairs were rare in the Middle Ages. Many of them looked quite modern,
Google them for pictures. So prepare to celebrate the Holidays with
those pesky heroes trying to overthrow your tyrannical rule safely
imprisoned in your dungeons.....
- Templar Knight
With this pack you can transform Apollo Maximus figure into a
Templar Knight. This pack comes with separate clothes, so you can
combine as you want. This pack comes with a helmet,weapons and 2
different shields too.
- Camthalion
An old dark mystical place for your runtime. Colored and styled with
high detail textures that are perfect to combine with other medieval
props. You can load the columns and the fence ready to use, or you can
choose both as a single item which you can place wherever you may
want. All textures come with bump and displacement maps.
- Merlin's Medieval Swords
The Broadsword, Longsword and Highland Claymores were all types of
sword during the medeival period in Europe. The Broadsword was the
earliest of the three dating from around 1000 A.D. Next came the
Longsword in 1350 A.D. and finally the two handed Highland Claymore,
used by the Scottish in the 1500's.
A golden Broadsword inspired by the weapon Alfred the Great, King of
the Anglo Saxons, used against the Viking invasion of England in 871.
Complete with brown leather and gold scabbard. A silver Longsword with
a black leather bound hilt and scabbard. A two handed Scottish
Highland Claymore with a leather twist hilt and down-sloping arms
ending in quatrefoils.
- Medieval Rooms part2
Second part of a new series of medieval furniture and props,
designed to re-create your own medieval interior scenes. This set
includes 11 highly detailed props, all historically accurate,
re-created from the drawings of medievalist Viollet Le Duc, in his
"Dictionnary of French Furnishings". More furniture sets will follow,
along with a few rooms to furnish.
- The Cistern
Magical and ancient, The Cistern will bring true mystery to your
renders. High Resolution Textures with displacement and specular maps
will bring every watery crack and crevice to life, and with a library
of tiling props, you can build the Cistern as infinite as your
- Sturmengeist Castle
- Medieval Peasant Life 1 & 2
This pack provides users with medieval peasant life elements for
construction of medieval, fantasy, or other related scenes. This pack
features a complete set design for villagers within a countryside
environment. Efficiently built for size and performance with highly
detailed models for the ground system, building, props, and