Download key generator for Datacenter Virtualization with VMware vSphere 4 eLN SW

ESX 4 is the most powerful virtualization software on the market
today and in this training course, Elias Khnaser will guide you
through the planning, deployment and administration of your virtual
infrastructure.VMware is one of the fastest growing companies today
and its virtualization software is the hottest technology in the
computer world today, so if you are trying to advance your career and
need the next hot thing, ESX Server is that technology that will give
you the edge you need to get ahead.
For those of you that are seeking certification, you are still
required to attend the VMware class as that is a mandatory step in
achieving your certification. You can use our CBT to reinforce what
you learned. If you are trying to learn VMware vSphere 4 because of a
job requirement, this training course gives you practical, hands on
training from someone who does it on a day to day basis and has
implemented some large ESX deployments.
All videos are in HD MP4 format, optimized for mobile devices like
the iPad & iPhone.
* Module 1: Introduction to Virtualization
* Module 2: Installing and Configuring ESX/ESXi 4
* Module 3: vCenter Operations
* Module 4: Networking Operations
* Module 5: Storage Operations
* Module 6: Virtual Machine Operations
* Module 7: vSphere Security & vShield Zones
* Module 8: Monitoring & Troubleshooting
* Module 9: Resource Management
* Module 10: High Availability & Data Protection
* Module 11: Planning & Implementing a vSphere Upgrade
* Module 12: vCenter Update Manager & Host Profiles
* Module 13: vNetwork Distributed Switches & Cisco Nexus 1000V