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Beyond Compare is a utility for comparing things. Things like text
files, folders, zip archives, FTP sites, etc. Use it to manage source
code, keep folders in sync, compare program output, and validate CD
Beyond Compare is a useful and reliable utility that will help you
compare and synchronize your files and folders.
Although there is support for automatic functions, the main goal of
Beyond Compare is to help you analyze differences in detail, and
carefully reconcile them. It commands a wide range of file and text
Beyond Compare distinguishes the information it compares as either
files or folders. Beyond Compare is not limited to comparing folders
and files on its host computer. It can compare folders and files over
a network connection or via FTP.
In the context of Beyond Compare, folder-like files, such as ZIP
files and CAB archives, are considered folders as well.
Beyond Compare can also create a folder-like file called a
"snapshot." Snapshots are a picture of a folder's contents at a
particular time, but snapshots do not show the actual contents of the
folder's files.
Beyond Compare's major components are a side-by-side Folder Viewer
and a side-by-side File Viewer.
� compare text files
� compare folders, zip archives, ftp sites
� update websites
� merge code changes
� compare program output.