Download key generator for FabFilter Twin 2 Rob Lee Sound Set

FabFilter has released the Rob Lee Sound Set, a collection of
patches for Twin 2, a powerful synthesizer plug-in with the highest
possible sound quality and an ultra-flexible drag-and-drop modulation
Well known sound designer Rob Lee has created a sound set of 145
high quality dance oriented presets for FabFilter Twin 2, exploiting
every feature of the synth!
The Rob Lee sound set contains 145 excellent dance-oriented presets,
divided into the following subcategories: Bass (46), Fx Percussion
(6), Keys (13), Lead (46), Moving (10), Pads (13), Techno (11).
Note: The preset 'Keys->Go Go Piano bM RL.ffp' is based on the
original factory preset 'bGrand bM.ffp', created by sound designer
To start using the presets in this sound set, just place the whole
sound set folder 'Sound Set - Rob Lee' into the root of your FabFilter
Twin 2 preset folder. The default location of the main preset folder
is My DocumentsFabFilterTwin 2 for Windows, and
~/Library/Audio/Presets/FabFilter/FabFilter Twin 2 for Mac OS X.
Rob Lee started out as a DJ back in 1987 when he was 17 years old.
After a short while he decided he wanted to learn preset design, so he
went out and bought his first hardware synthesizer and was immediately
hooked. After years of doing sound design for hardware synths, Rob has
only recently began to program presets for software synthesizers and
up to now he has had much success from recent projects including RP
Predator and Lennar Digital's Sylenth 1. "I aim to build on that
success over the coming 12 months by building up a data base of
soundbanks as well as finding time to release tracks on our own
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