Download key generator for Focusrite Plugin Suite VST 1.1

Each plug-in has a host of pre-sets that provide a reasonable
starting point, delivering suitable solutions for the chosen sound
source. Having selected a preset, you can then go on to finely tune
these settings.The compressor and gate have been modelled on
Focusrite's hardware devices, using the measurement of custom optos to
achieve the signature Focusrite sound. (All Focusrite optos are tuned
by ear, just like in the old days of analog design, ensuring a
faithful recreation of those classic vintage 1960s optical
With the same signature as the original Focusrite EQ curves.
Focusrite's R&D team used state-of-the-art numerical transform
techniques to create an authentic response across the entire audible
frequency spectrum for this software EQ.
The Reverb is based on classic algorithmic studio reverb designs.
The Focusrite Plug-in Suite is included with all new Saffire audio
� Windows XP* or Vista (All Versions)
� Pentium III 600 MHz CPU or faster**
� 512 MB RAM
� XVGA [High Colour 1024x768]
Supported Formats
� Windows - VST
* Windows XP users are advised to use Windows XP2 or higher
** 1GHz CPU recommended