Download key generator for DeviceLock 7.1.0

DeviceLock enhances access control for Windows System
Administrators and helps control removable disk usage. It can protect
network and local computers against viruses, trojans and other
malicious programs often injected from removable disks. Network
administrators can also use DeviceLock to flush a storage device's
buffers. Remote control is also available.
Keep in mind that almost 80% of all security breaches come from the
inside! DeviceLock is a best solution to secure NT and protect your
network computers against attack from the inside.
Here are some key features of "DeviceLock":
� Control which users or groups can access USB and FireWire
ports, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters, PDAs, CD-ROMs, floppy drives,
other removable devices
� Control access to devices depending on the time of day and day
of the week
� Authorize only specific USB devices that will not be locked
regardless of any other settings
� Grant users temporary access to USB devices when there is no
network connection (you provide users with the special access codes
over the phone that temporarily unlock access to requested devices)
� Uniquely identify a specific DVD/CD-ROM disk by the data
signature and authorize access to it, even when DeviceLock has
otherwise blocked the DVD/CD-ROM drive
� Protect against users with local administrator privileges so
they can't disable DeviceLock Service or remove it from their
computers, if they are not in this list of DeviceLock administrators
� Set devices in read-only mode
� Protect disks from accidental or intentional formatting
� Detect and block hardware keyloggers (USB and PS/2)
� Deploy permissions and settings via Group Policy in an Active
Directory domain
� Use the standard Windows RSoP snap-in to view the DeviceLock
policy currently being applied, as well as to predict what policy
would be applied in a given situation
� Control everything remotely using the centralized management
� Get a complete log of port and device activity, such as uploads
that stores locally and/or in the special protected log that sends to
DeviceLock Enterprise Server for centralized storage
� Mirror all data (shadowing) copied to external storage devices
(removable, floppy, DVD/CD-ROM) and transferred via COM and LPT ports
� Store shadow data and audit logs on a centralized component of
an existing server and any existing ODBC-compliant SQL infrastructure
� Generate a report concerning the permissions and settings that
have been set
� Generate a report displaying the USB, FireWire and PCMCIA
devices currently connected to computers and those that were connected
� Install and uninstall it automatically.
What's New in This Release:
� Added support for new webmail services:, and
� Shadow content-aware rules can be now enabled for the Printer
� Improved control of Gmail’s SSL connections.
� Improved support for Balckberry Bluetooth connections.
� Improved content analyses for nested archives.
� Improved support for encrypted archives in content-aware rules.
� Improved auditing and shadowing for messages and attachments in
Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.
� Improved support for Vkontakte and Facebook social networks.
� Files shadow copies now created (if shadowing is enabled) even
if files are denied by content-aware rules.
� Improved ability to distinguish between HTTP Data & Files for
auditing and shadowing.
� Improved the “Top Copied Files” report for webmails, social
networks and messengers.
� Improved logic in calculating protocols-related events in
"Allowed & Denied access requests per channel," "Allowed vs. Denied
access requests," "Top active computers" and "Top active users"
� Fixed probl...