Download key generator for Avanquest PC Speed Maximizer 2.2 0.2

Simple, Easy and Fast. With just the click of a button PC Maximizer
will optimize your PC, remove dangerous privacy files and free up disk
space all to keep your PC running like new and your online privacy
More powerful scans find even more errors
Deeper more powerful scans find more errors and privacy risks than
ever before. There is also more detailed information available about
the problems found so that you can easily choose to exclude certain
files or registry keys from the cleanup.
Backup & Restore for added security
PC Speed Maximizer makes it very safe and easy to remove unnecessary
registry errors. However, if you ever find that the removal of a
registry error has caused certain software programs to stop running
correctly or if your computer is taking an excessively long time to
boot with PC Speed Maximizer 3.0 you can always revert your computer
back to the last known good configuration using the powerful new
backup and restore features.
Customise the scan to match your needs
Maybe there are certain registry keys you know you want excluded
from the registry scan. With PC Speed Maximizer 3.0 you can easily
customise the registry scan to include or exclude certain files from
all future scans.
Find and remove more privacy risks
The privacy scan has been extended to cover internet chat
with information about recently opened documents and document
searches. If there are files or cookies you wish to exclude from
future privacy scans you now have the option to add them to an
exclusion list.
Find and remove flash cookies
Flash cookies are a new way of tracking your movement and storing a
lot more information about you than normal cookies. Normal cookies
can't save more than 4 Kilobyte of data while flash cookies can save
up to 100 kilobyte! As part of the new privacy scan PC Speed Maximizer
3.0 finds and removes flash cookies instantly.
Optimization Reports
New optimization reports keep you updated on how well you have
optimized your PC and what improvements PC Speed Maximizer has made.
The report also identifies other potential optimization measures to
ensure that no opportunities to speed up your PC are being being
Easier than ever to remove programs from your start up menu
Removing unnecessary programs from your start up menu can
dramatically improve the start up time for your PC. An all new manage
start up menu is now available through the clean-up tab and is simpler
and easier to use than ever. Shortcuts to non-existent programs are
listed in red making it easy for you to identify and remove these
Speed Guard
Don't let mounting registry errors, junk files or privacy issues
slow down your PC again. Activate Speed Guard to monitor the number of
errors right from your System Tray. When you notice the numbers rising
then you can launch PC Speed Maximizer directly and remove the issues