Download key generator for Oloneo PhotoEngine 1.0.400.306

It is now a fast and easy process to modify lighting or to recover
details in a deeply under- or overexposed picture. By merging multiple
photos of the same scene, Oloneo PhotoEngine not only offers an almost
unlimited control over exposure and lighting but also provides a new
level of creativity in digital photography.
Color Engine General
Full real time environment
96-bit per pixel
32-bit floating point color channels
High Dynamic Range
Ultra wide gamut
Fully real-time
Non-destructive image editing
Highly optimized multi-thread, multi-processor, multi-core engine
Highly optimized vectorized code
Unlimited undo/redo
Modification history
User Interface General
Task-oriented, Workspaces -based user interface
Uncluttered user interface
Browse Workspace
Edit Workspace
Help Workspace
Collapsible tool panels
Integrated video help:
Quick Tour Video
Creating an HDR ToneMap Project Video
Creating an HDR ReLight Project Video
Creating an HDR DeNoise Project Video
HDR ToneMap Tutorial Video
HDR ReLigth Tutorial Video
Image Editing Tutorial Video
Advanced Curve Tutorial Video
Brightness Curve Tutorial Video
Photographic Print Toning Tutorial Video
Browse Workspace
Multithreaded thumbnail reading
Image folder browsing
Image list with thumbnails for:
Raw photo files
Jpeg files
Tiff files
Metadata display for:
Raw photo files
Jpeg files
Tiff file
Image Info Panel with:
File type
Camera name
Beta Version Panel
Image folder selection menu:
Select with File Dialog
Select with Folder Dialog
Recent folders
Direct path
Select with file dialog button
Thumbnail size slider
Recent Project Panel with thumbnail
Project Image Selection Panel with:
Image thumbnail
Editable shutter speed
Editable F-Number
Editable ISO
Editable EV
Relative Stop mode
Add selection button
Delete selection button
Clear selection button
HDR ToneMap Panel with:
Contextual help
Video Help button
Auto-Align Mode
Project creation button
HDR ReLight Panel with:
Contextual help
Video Help button
Project creation button
HDR DeNoise Panel with:
Contextual help
Video Help button
Auto-Align Mode
Workspace switch buttons
Workspace switch menu
Direct Open file menu
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